Top 10 Rated San Francisco Home Security & Alarm System Companies


ADT While local alarm companies can offer some protection against burglary, fire and carbon monoxide, there is no security service that can match the nationwide providers ADT. This company installs a free home security system that they will then monitor for a low monthly fee. This unique approach to home security systems in San Francisco, CA means that having a completely safe home and family can now fit into a range of budgets throughout the city and the whole state of California.


GEOARM Every aspect of GEOARM is designed to make securing your home or business as easy as possible. They offer a full range of security systems as well as options to monitor your property. Sadly, San Francisco home security is becoming more and more of a necessity, but at the same time it won’t cost a great deal if you go to GEOARM. They are able to assist with GPS tracking, video surveillance, fire detection and medical alert systems. All of these services are all available at low prices.

AEC Alarms

AEC Alarms When it comes to securing your home against potential threats you should only opt for the best serving your local community. AEC Alarms has been serving San Francisco since 1972 and over this time, as can be seen in their praise-filled reviews, they have built up a shining reputation amongst the residents of the city. They believe in providing ultimate quality and complete honesty. With this approach they will install all of the necessary security systems without the usually unreasonable prices attached.

Icontrol Networks

Icontrol Networks For a wholly unique approach to home security, residents of San Francisco should go to Icontrol Networks. This company offers to make your home completely integrated. This includes being able to control your locks, temperature, camera system, lights and home security all from one device. Not only is this an incredible development in residential security measures but it is also surprisingly affordable when you hire Icontrol Networks. If you would like to unify your entire home you should contact this company for expert information.

Hue & Cry Inc

Hue & Cry Inc There is nothing better than calling on a company offering home alarm systems that truly know their neighbors and their specific needs. Hue & Cry Inc. have been serving San Francisco since 1977 and over this time have learnt about all of the necessary security measures. They only use the latest technology and will never use cheap quality systems in the homes of their clients. You will work directly with their professional team to ensure that every aspect of your home, family and belongings is completely secure.