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Furnished Apartments Rental

Corporate housing services offer apartment rental options that give you more space than an average hotel suite for less money. Whether you’re in need of a studio apartment, prefer a semi or fully furnished set-up, or require multiple bedrooms, corporate housing services have you covered. Corporate apartments have stocked kitchens, room to breathe, and the privacy hotels often lack. Whether you’re traveling for business, in-between living arrangements, or on an extended vacation, furnished apartment rental may be just the affordable living arrangement you’re looking for.

Furnished Houses Rental

Do you need more space than an apartment offers? Corporate houses are a suitable option for multiple renters, a family, or if you simply want more square-footage to call your temporary home. Corporate housing companies offer furnished homes and townhomes for weekly or monthly rent. With a complete kitchen, decorated rooms, and more privacy and security than a larger hotel suite, furnished housing rental is a cost-effective solution with competitively priced quotes for when you need a convenient living accommodation fast.

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While hotel suites are a great option for short term stays in new places, living in a small hotel room long term quickly breaks budgets and loses appeal. Corporate housing companies offer a more affordable and homey solution for extended stay lodging. The typical residents of these accommodations are often newly-relocated employees, traveling business personnel, training staff, and other on-the-go professionals.

Corporate housing has also become popular for those in temporary positions like interns, as well as those in-between living situations due to displacement or other transitional causes. Corporate housing companies offer convenient leasing and renting opportunities for extended business or vacation trips.

Each company offers individually priced services nearby popular destinations, and we point you towards the 10 top rated and best-reviewed companies out there. When life takes you somewhere new, consider corporate housing options to find the best fit for your weekly or month to month relocation needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is corporate housing?

Corporate housing options range from fully-furnished apartments to homes readily available for short leasing. The benefits of corporate housing over a typical hotel suite include a fully-functional kitchen area stocked with necessary cooking tools, increased privacy and noise-control, and the perks of a comfortable residential setting. Corporate housing is ideal for intermediate to long term stays in new areas for work or personal trips.

What are the best temporary housing options?

The best temporary housing option for you depends on your specific needs. Even if you’re simply looking for the right place to stay on vacation, temporary housing options are as varied as the situations you may encounter in life.

  • Serviced apartments and executive rentals are likely the best option if you’re looking to house multiple executive employees.
  • Managed corporate housing provides furnished apartments that are privately owned in business areas with high demand – good option if you need a cheap alternative housing for one person.
  • Renting directly from property owners would work for families, due to corporate housing often being located in high-density areas.